How to Remove Filmy Residue From Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiling is a very popular choice to use as flooring in both bathrooms and kitchens. Ceramic tiles are very attractive when they are clean, however they often can accumulate a layer of film, soap scum or tough grit if they are not regularly cleaned. This murky layer will dull the appearance of the ceramic making it look aged and unappealing and the attractiveness of the ceramic tiles can be easily lost. To restore your ceramic tiles and bring your kitchen or bathroom back to that brand-new feeling, follow these easy steps:

1. Use only gentle cleaners during this process and soft clothes or sponges as ceramic tiles are easily scratched or become dull from abrasive cleaning products. Even when trying to get rid of the grit from in between the tiles, be careful not to scratch the tiles.

2. Spray an all-purpose cleaner such as spray & wipe, which is non-abrasive, directly onto the ceramic tiles, a dash of Domestos in a bucket of water i.e. 2 capfulls is also ok.

3. Leave for ten minutes as it soaks into the film.

4. Gently wipe away the film by using a sponge or soft cloth.

5. Repeat if necessary

6. If the film stays then try and use a mild abrasive cleaner, such as Domestos at the rate of 3 capfulls to a bucket. Leave to soak and then wipe away with your sponge of cloth.

7. Rinse the floor with water thoroughly to make sure all household cleaning products are removed from the tiles, as any remaining residue may appear on the tiles over time.

8. Wipe the floor down to dry with a towel.

Extra Tip:

Avoid using heavy amounts of bleach as it will yellow grout if left for too long.

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