How to clean your gas BBQ

Whilst cleaning your BBQ, check the flexible hose for cracks and damage and replace if necessary. Consult your owner’s manual for any specialised maintenance requirements. Ensure the gas is disconnected and check the metal tubes under each burner. Spiders and other insects like to nest in these tubes. Use a paper clip or toothpick to clear these holes if necessary. Remember that many gas grills are made of aluminium products, so you’ll want to avoid abrasive cleaners, including oven cleaner, metal brushes or scouring pads.

1. Soak the grill and any removable parts in dishwashing liquid and hot water. Scrub away any build-up of grease with a rag, sponge or plastic scourer.

2. Remove the flame bars and run them through the dishwasher. Or scrub them with a brass wire brush.

3. Replace the lava rocks every year with new ones or boil them in soapy water to remove built-up grime.

4. Tape over any gas openings and then clean the inside of the barbecue with hot, soapy water and a rag, sponge or plastic scrubber.

5. Clean the outside of the barbecue with hot, soapy water and a rag or sponge.

6. Hose out the barbecue. Allow it to dry thoroughly before you replace all of the parts.

7. After everything is dry, rub the grill with vegetable oil and any wooden parts with linseed oil.

8. If you have a quick disconnect, make sure it is securely fastened before you use the grill.

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