How to clean soap scum off a shower screen

Having trouble seeing through your shower glass because of scum and dirt? Embarrassed when guests step into your bathroom? Shower screens are a hassle to keep clean, but with a few simple steps it is easy to make it clean and keep it clean!

To Clean Soap Scum off a Shower Screen;

1.      Spray your shower screen all over with a cleaning solution, preferably a bathroom cleaner with low bleach. This starts the clean by wetting and softening the soap scum on your shower glass.

2.      Then apply some cream cleanser (Jiff) to a wet sponge scourer, on the dark green scourer side.

3.      Next, scrub the glass using plenty of elbow grease.

4.      Finally, rinse.

5.      Repeat process if necessary and rinse again.

6.      The final step and the secret to a clean shower screen is to dry off the shower with a microfiber glass cloth or squeegee.

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