How to remove water stains off fabric blinds

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To remove water stains off fabric blinds:


1. Start by combining 1 part decolourant with 4 parts water . For black coloured window blinds , combine 1 part decolourant with ten parts water .

2. Dampen a sponge with the decolourant mix .

3. Blot it onto the fluid discolor line .

4. You have to moisten the line , definitely not saturate it . You don’t wish for the material to be dripping .

5. Utilize a free of moisture sponge or delicate material to blot away all unwanted dampness .

6. When a moist dry vacuum cleaner is provided , utilize that to eradicate all the fluid as you can .

7. Let the part to air dry entirely .

8. The drying job may be sped up by a fan or hair-dryer . The faster the decolourant dries , the faster it can be neutralized therefore it will not have an effect on the coloring of the window blinds .

9. As soon as the part is dry , verify it over and repeat if needed .

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