How to clean silver

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Even though silver is a gorgeous and fashionable metal it can also be especially fragile and can easily get tarnish , stains and scratches . Lots of people are worried to clean their silver because most silver items are special and they would prefer not to risk damage . The best tip to cleaning silver is to clean it frequently . By doing this , once tarnishing starts , everything you have to do is rinse the silver under warm ( not hot ) water with a phosphate-free detergent .

When tarnish occurs , simple hand washing would not remove it .

To clean silver follow the following simple steps : 

1. Moisten a silver-polishing towel or a sponge and apply a silver-polishing particular solution supplied with the silver or some other home product such as ‘Silvo’ .

2. Rub the silver in a direct motion , backwards and forwards . Never clean using a circular movement . Prevent scrubbing .

3. Rinse the silver under running water .

4. Dry the silver with a soft , clean cloth .

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