How to clean muslin curtains

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To clean muslin curtains:


1. Remove the muslin curtain from the window and remove all hardware attached to it.


2. Shake them outside to loosen up the dirt and hair that have collected in them.


3. Test the muslin for colour fastness by wetting a small corner of one curtain in warm water, then squeezing it out into a clean basin. If the water remains clear then the muslin is colour fast. If the water changes distinctly to your muslin colour, then washing your curtains may cause the pattern to bleed and the colours to fade. They are still washable, but proceed carefully, wash separately and use cold water.


4. Wash your curtains in your washing machine. Never overload the washing machine. Use mild detergent, cold water and the delicate cycle. Using the delicate cycle is especially important if your muslin curtains were homemade.


5. Dry the muslin curtains by either hanging them on a drying rack or on a clothesline. If possible, dry them indoors or in the shade to avoid fading. Drying muslin curtains in the dryer is not recommended because they’ll most likely shrink.


6. Iron the curtains when they are still slightly damp to avoid water marks. Muslin curtains must be ironed using a cool setting. Iron them lengthwise and backside.


7. Reattach all hardware and rehang your clean muslin curtains.

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